Customised Engineering for Future Applications

The whole world changes continuously. Daily new developments are impelled in different sections to improve products and services. While doing so people and/ or companies are involved which are producing those products and using them. The incurrence of new solutions is getting driven in similar ways. This orientation is noticed in various trends that are not short-term changes but rather more long-term changes that keep us busy. This aligned long-term progress is called MEGATRENDS.


HYDAC KineSys follows these developments similarly and adds detailed solutions to drive solutions of tomorrow to promote the implementation of MEGATRENDS any further. In doing so the focus is laid on the following topics:




  • Supply of drive power on demand using energy optimised dimensioning of power packs

  • Reduction in size and weight with smaller tank designs and less oil volume

  • Reduction of noise by using low noise pumps and continuous low speed pump operation

  • Improved process times through optimised controllability and high dynamic drives




  • Drive controller with a clear structured user interface (“Ready for Hydraulics”)

  • Easy commissioning support, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance

  • Multiple frequency operation

  • Wide input voltage range




  • Less wiring effort because of field bus communication interface

  • “Straightforward Technic” because of an uniform ProfiNet communication transfer of all sensors signals

  • Quick identification of spare parts by using the QR-Codes on the label

  • Easy to use

  • Predictive maintenance through leakage monitoring and dry running protection…




  •  Easy implantation of customised safety concepts according to specified electric safety functions STO (Safe Torque Off) and SLS (Safety Limited Speed)

  • Safe unit consisting of drive and manifold block with valves: Press control manifold block with certified safety functions

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